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Dr Madeline-Sophie (Maddy) Abbas

Dr Madeline-Sophie (Maddy) Abbas

Critical race and whiteness theories, Islamophobia, counter-terrorism and mechanisms of racial terror involved in the management and governance of racialised Others (both state and non-state)


Dr Madeline-Sophie Abbas’ research to date examines the racialised and racialising practices of terror in the governance of British Muslims in the ‘war on terror’ and their effects on how Muslim identities come to be lived.  She has developed a framework for exploring racial terror called the ‘Concentrationary Gothic’ that addresses how terror is racialised and has a racialised history, is networked across state and non-state relations, affects the multi-dimensions of social experiences, and is informed by a number of epistemological practices that underpin strategies of governance and surveillance.  Future research develops the applicability of this framework to other geopolitical contexts. 

She is co-editor of a special issue on critical whiteness studies, New Territories in Critical Whiteness Studies (Abbas, Burgin, Decker and Hunter, 2013) and author of "White Terror' in the ‘War on Terror" (Abbas, 2013) published in the international journal, Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, and co-editor of a book exploring the effects of the Coalition Government’s Big Society agenda on the voluntary and community sector, particularly black and minority ethnic organisations, entitled, The Big Society: The Big Divide? (Abbas and Lachman, 2010).