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Studying at Cambridge


Aline Khoury

Aline Khoury

PhD candidate, Department of Development Studies


I am finishing my PhD thesis dealing with the social inclusion of vulnerable migrants in Brazil through a human development approach. I have worked as a consultant for the IOM - International Organization for Migration (United Nations) producing studies for the Brazilian Ministry of Justice to guide the new migration law in that country. In my Master in Social Development at University Paris V - Sorbonne Cité as Eiffel Excellence Scholar, I have focused on intangible cultural heritage. I also hold a B.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Sao Paulo and another B.A in Communication/Journalism from PUC-SP (Brazil). My professional experiences are related to cultural production,
communication and public policies, including projects dealing with migrants. I am a laureate of the award TOYP - The Outstanding Young Persons, granted by JCI Association to young leaders promoting positive social change.


human development ; social inclusion ; intangible heritage ; capabilities ; migration policy ; multiculturalism