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The Cambridge Migration Research Network

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Alexandra Winkels

Dr Alexandra Winkels

Institute of Continuing Education

Internal migration in Vietnam, environmental change and resource scarcities, climate change, mobility and risk

Office Phone: 01223 768 952

Research Interests

  • Linkages between migration and development, in particular the risks faced by migrants and their families as a result of migration.
  • Research since 2000 focused on internal migration in Vietnam and considered the role of social capital in the migration process and the impact of migration on those who stay behind. Also global-local linkages of commodity markets and how these impact on livelihood vulnerability of migrant farmers.
  • Recent work looks at the way in which environmental change and resource scarcities interact with livelihood vulnerability and migration dynamics; differential vulnerability of migrants in urban areas in the context of climate change in Vietnam, building on a collaborations with the Centre for Community Health and Development (Vietnam) on a project funded by the International Institute for Environment and Development (London) on heat stress of outdoor workers and illegal migrants in Da Nang City, Vietnam.
  • Research also feeds into more theoretical work on key questions in relation to mobility and risk.