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The Cambridge Migration Research Network

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Anna Bagnoli

Dr Anna Bagnoli

Department of Sociology

Studies migrants’ identity processes, particularly young people, using methodological innovations in qualitative research including arts-based and visual approaches

Wolfson College

Office Phone: 01223 335904


Dr Bagnoli studies migrants’ identity processes, the dynamics with which migrants are able to reconstruct their identities away from their country of origin, and her research is particularly focused on the migration of young people. A key dimension of her work involves methodological innovation in qualitative research and the use of arts-based and visual approaches.

Dr Bagnoli is currently leading two projects: Wolfson’s Worlds, funded by Wolfson College, Cambridge, investigates the social needs of international students. Picturing Identities, funded by the Cambridge Italian Research Network, studies contemporary migration of young Italians to the UK.