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The Cambridge Migration Research Network

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Sara Silvestri

Dr Sara Silvestri

Department of Politics and International Studies

Migration, integration and multiculturalism (particularly EU policies and politics of individual member states); cultural and religious diversity; counter-terrorism; transnational networks; gender


  • Convenor of the British International Studies working group on Religion, Security and International Relations & Treasurer of the International Studies Association’s REL section.

Research Interests

  • Migration, integration and multiculturalism (with focus on EU policies and politics of individual member states).
  • Public attitudes and policies about migration and cultural and religious diversity in the Euro-Mediterranean region (and how this intersects with migration challenges).
  • The effects of counter-terrorism on migrant and ethnic and religious minorities.
  • Transnational networks (e.g. migrant communities, Christians, Islamist groups, etc).
  • Gender (with focus on migrant women, domestic workers, Muslim women in Europe).