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The Cambridge Migration Research Network

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Tine van Bortel

Dr Tine van Bortel

Department of Public Health and Primary Care

Migration and health

Research Interests

Migration and health: 

  • Sri Lanka and Singapore looking at: - Quality of Life, Health and Wellbeing of Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore and experiences of left-behind families of Migrant Domestic Workers in Sri Lanka. Innovative focus on mental health where research has tended to concentrate on Human Rights issues and labour.
  • Health/Mental Health and Forced Migration and Return Migration due to war in Sri Lanka. Research into health/mental health and “return migration” after initial forced migration or "displacement" is again underexplored.
  • Wellbeing of academic migrant students in UK Higher Education system.
  • Has collaborations in almost 50 countries globally (through direct research collaborations and several networks).