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The Cambridge Migration Research Network

Studying at Cambridge


Network membership

Dr Dora Alexopoulou
  • Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
  • Bilingual language and cognitive development
01223 767 392
Professor Ash Amin
  • Department of Geography
  • The politics of settlement; how western societies treat immigrants; how attitudes and policies of aversion or tolerance are regulated and rebalanced
01223 768418
Professor Madeleine Arnot
  • Faculty of Education
  • Research on the education of refugee and asylum-seeking children in the UK since the mid 1990s
01223 767644
Dr Naures Atto
  • Faculty of Divinity
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in World Christianities
  • PI Aramaic-Online Project
  • Research explores Assyrian women and their position in Europe
01223 763047
Dr Anna Bagnoli
  • Department of Sociology
  • Studies migrants’ identity processes, particularly young people, using methodological innovations in qualitative research including arts-based and visual approaches
01223 335904
Dr Anna Barford
  • Department of Geography
  • Explores patterns of communicable diseases among displaced persons during forced migrations and in temporary camps
Professor Graeme Barker
  • Division of Archaeology
  • The origins and spread of agriculture and dispersal of Modern humans
01223 339284
Professor Catherine Barnard
  • Faculty of Law
  • Labour rights in the EU
01223 339915
Dr James Barrett
  • Division of Archaeology
  • Viking diaspora research and climate change
01223 339287
Professor Alison Bashford
  • Faculty of History
  • The evolution of immigration restriction acts focusing not just on their race/ethnicity/nationality based exclusions, but also other criteria and powers (mental health; infectious disease; political security) over many jurisdictions: the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the UK.
+612 9351 3884
Dr Philippe Bourbeau
  • Department of Politics and International Studies
  • The securitization of migration; comparative immigration politics (Canada, France, Asia); resilience as applied to migration studies; the role of diaspora and transnationalism in foreign policy
01223 767 242
Professor Cyprian Broodbank
  • Division of Archaeology
  • Comparative approaches to the archaeology and history of all periods in the Mediterranean and surrounding regions
+44 (0)207 679 7523
Dr Paolo Campana
  • Institute of Criminology
  • Lecturer in Criminology and Complex Networks
  • Organised crime and forms of extra-legal governance; corporate crime and fraud; trust, reputation and mechanisms of cooperation in illegal settings; human trafficking and smuggling
Dr Elif Cetin
  • Postdoctoral Research Assistant (Migration project)
  • Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College, Von Hugel Institute
  • Politicisation of immigration;UK and Italian immigration politics; political discourse formation; development of immigration control policies in Europe
Dr Clare Chambers
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Contemporary liberalism, feminism, theories of social construction
Professor Joya Chatterji
  • Faculty of History
  • Modern South Asian history; British imperial and world history; partitions, borders, refugees, migration and diaspora
01223 338577
Dr Shana Cohen
  • Woolf Institute
  • Relations between and within different faith communities in European cities
01223 478 174
Dr Rory Coulter
  • Department of Sociology
  • Research focuses on long-distance internal migration and short-distance residential mobility within Britain using large longitudinal datasets
01223 769 323
Dr Adam P. Coutts
  • Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)
  • Public policy in the Middle East and North Africa; Syrian refugee health crisis and assessing quality of humanitarian responses.
Dr Romola Davenport
  • Department of Geography
  • The impact of immigration to London on metropolitan and national mortality rates, 1750-1900; the process of endemicisation of a range of infectious diseases in the English population and how this influenced migrant, urban and national mortality rates before 1900
01223 333 384
Dr Jennifer Davis
  • Faculty of Law
  • Research on the construction of 'race', 'class' and 'culture' in mid-Victorian England, through the prism of a London Irish slum
01223 335 973
Dr Manali Desai
  • Department of Sociology
  • Lecturer in Sociology
  • State formation, political parties, social movements, development, ethnic violence, and post-colonial studies
Dr Geoffrey Edwards
  • Department of Politics and International Studies
  • Specialises in the European Union, its institutions and its foreign and security policies
01223 339 203
Dr Alice Evans
  • Department of Geography
  • Rural-urban differences and how these are gendered
Dr Michael Evans
  • Faculty of Education
  • Second language education
01223 767 647
Professor Robert Foley
  • Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • First human migrations, working extensively on dispersals in evolution and prehistory
Professor David Ford
  • Faculty of Divinity
  • Inter-faith theology and relations
01223 763 031
Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe
  • Institute of Criminology
  • Processes of criminalisation of women trafficked into the UK and criminal justice system responses
01223 335 377
Dr Zoe Groves
  • Faculty of History
  • University Lecturer in African History
  • Social and cultural history of central and southern Africa
Dr Liz Hales
  • Institute of Criminology
  • Management of diversity issues, including culture, nationality and language within the criminal justice system; criminalisation of trafficked female migrants
Professor Christopher Hill
  • Department of Politics and International Studies
  • Foreign policy analyst with a special knowledge of the EU and the Member States
01223 767 230
Mr David Howarth
  • Faculty of Law
  • Research on the relationship between law and politics
01223 767 239
Dr Kirsty Hughes
  • University Lecturer in Public Law and Human Rights
  • Researches the human rights of migrants, particularly residency, deportation and family reunification, Brexit and the European Convention on Human Rights.
Dr Sanjay Jain
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Role of cultural factors in driving the politics, size and nature of migration policy.
Dr Alex Jeffrey
  • Department of Geography
  • How ideas of the state travel between different contexts, practices of state-building, and the way in which returning displaced peoples and refugees (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and increasingly elsewhere) adopt ideas and practices of citizenship.
01223 339 874
Professor Peter Jones
  • Department of Psychiatry
  • Migration and mental health
Dr Napolean Katsos
  • Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
  • Bilingualism and language learning
01223 767 396
Dr Ed Kessler
  • Woolf Institute
  • Relations within and between different faith communities in European cities
01223 741 834
Dr Michael Kitson
  • Judge Business School
  • Economics and public policy
Dr Marta Lahr
  • Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Human evolution
Dr Emma Lightfoot
  • Division of Archaeology
  • Relationships between diet, migration and health
Dr Yongcan Liu
  • Faculty of Education
  • Community/heritage language education
01223 767 692
Dr Amy Ludlow
  • Faculty of Law
  • Researches how migrants shape and experience industrial relations and labour law at European and UK levels
01223 332 497
Dr Jenny Mander
  • Department of French
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Modern language education and teaching publications in early modern Europe
Dr Sanna Markkanen
  • Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
  • Works on housing-related projects with a particular interest in migration, social cohesion and issues relating to ethnic diversity
01223 337124
Dr Amal Marogy
  • Affiliated Researcher in Neo-Aramaic Studies, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (FAMES)
  • Neo Aramaic, Christianity in the Middle East, preservation of cultural heritage, intercultural dialogue, women in minority communities, Arabic linguistics
Dr Steve Martin
  • Institute of Public Health, dementia and old age
Professor Nicholas Mascie-Taylor
  • Division of Biological Anthropology
  • Impact of geographical and social (class-based mobility) migration on variations in height, weight and BMI in Britain
01223 335 456
Dr Malachi McIntosh
  • Faculty of English
  • Twenty and twenty-first century Caribbean writing, contemporary diasporic literatures in English, postcolonial theory, aesthetics
Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley
  • Department of Sociology
  • Relations between native citizens and international migrants
01223 768 217
Dr Piers Mitchell
  • Department of Biological Anthropology
  • The spread of disease and health inequalities of migrant communities in past populations
01223 761 097
Dr Renaud Morieux
  • Faculty of History
  • The history of transnational migrations in the eighteenth century, particularly between Britain and France, in the European and extra-European context
01223 339 495
Professor Kaivan Munshi
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Communities and their interaction with economic activity
Dr Sayana Namsaraeva
  • Department of Social Anthropology
  • Research Associate, Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit
  • Cross-border migration between China, Russia and Mongolia; 'yellow peril' and 'China phobia;' diaspora studies
Dr William O'Reilly
  • Faculty of History
  • History of European migration, colonialism and imperialism, and human trafficking
01223 765 956
Professor Michael Oxley
  • Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
  • Migration flows and impacts on local housing markets
01223 337 118
Dr Pascual Perez-Paredes
  • Faculty of Education
  • Quantitative research on register variation, compilation and use of language corpora, applied linguistics
Dr Ronika Power
  • Division of Archaeology
  • Researches the lived experiences of marginalised individuals and groups using data from the analysis of the human body in context with other forms of archaeological and historical evidence
Dr Wendy Pullan
  • Department of Architecture
  • Relationships of urban praxis to planning, policy and theory; Mediterranean and Middle Eastern architecture and cities; cities as key sites in territorial conflicts over state and national identities, cultures and borders
01223 332 962
Professor Susan Robertson
  • Faculty of Education
  • Specialises in education trade
Professor Jacqueline Scott
  • Department of Sociology
  • Family and household processes through comparative data on family and work, well-being and immigration
01223 334 558
Dr Sara Silvestri
  • Department of Politics and International Studies
  • Migration, integration and multiculturalism (particularly EU policies and politics of individual member states); cultural and religious diversity; counter-terrorism; transnational networks; gender
Dr Nidhi Singal
  • Faculty of Education
  • Transnational migratory patterns of parents of children with disabilities; experiences of the UK education system of recent migrant families
01223 767 608
Dr Julie Smith
  • Department of Politics and International Studies
  • The history and politics of European integration; Liberalism
01223 767 229
Dr Arathi Sriprakash
  • Faculty of Education
  • Sociology of education and education policy; Globalisation and internationalisation; Postcolonial theory, southern theories, critical race and gender theories
+ 44 (0)1223767512
Dr Tine van Bortel
  • Department of Public Health and Primary Care
  • Migration and health
Professor Anna Vignoles
  • Faculty of Education
  • Educational economics focusing on efficiency and equity issues in education
01223 767 626
Dr Oakleigh Welply
  • Faculty of Education
  • Relationship of education to issues of language, immigration, integration, globalisation, identity, gender and citizenship
01223 767 669
Rev Dr Cindy Wesley
  • Wesley House Methodist College
  • Interactions between churches and migrants
01223 741 041
Dr Jessica Wheeler
  • Institute of Criminology
  • Department of Psychiatry
  • Moral, social and economic concerns in the health and social care support of ‘vulnerable’ populations
01223 746 514
Dr Alexandra Winkels
  • Institute of Continuing Education
  • Internal migration in Vietnam, environmental change and resource scarcities, climate change, mobility and risk
01223 768 952

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