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Studying at Cambridge


Tobias Muller

PhD Candidate, Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)


Tobias Müller is a PhD candidate at the Department for Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at Queens' College, Cambridge. Tobias' doctoral research, funded by a Vice Chancellor's Award of the Cambridge Trust, seeks to analyse how Islam and Muslims are being governed and regulated in contemporary European societies. In particular, the project aims at understanding the changing nature of the "secular" state in processes of (re-)constructing new Images of Islam in the context of post-9/11 policies such as the German Islam Conference and Muslim Tribunal Courts.  His current thesis title is, 'The New Secularism: Governing Islam in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.'

Tobias holds an M.Phil. in Politics and International Relations from the University of Cambridge and an M.A. in Study of Religion and Culture from the University of Munich where he has also previously worked as a lecturer for Political Theory. His research interests include Political Theory, especially contemporary and critical theory, the politics and theory of secularism, and the politics of Islam.

Research Interests

  • Politics and theories of secularism
  • Muslim minorities in Europe
  • Contemporary and critical political theory
  • Comparative and Islamic political theory
  • Middle East and North African politics

Research Supervision

Dr Sara Silvestri

Key Publications

Müller, Tobias (forthcoming): Provincializing Political Education: Postkoloniale Politische Theorie, in Markus Gloe und Tonio Oeftering (ed), "Politische Theorie meets Politische Bildung"

Müller, Tobias (2015) "Contemporary Islamic Thinkers' Understandings of Secularism" Master Thesis, University of Cambridge, in: Perspectives in the Study of Religion,

Müller, Tobias (2014) "Economics. The User's Guide" by Ha-Joon Chang, Book review, in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 27:4, 761-764.


Müller, Tobias (2014) "The Rise of the BRICS in Africa "by Pádraig Carmody, Book review, in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 27:2, 393-395.


Müller, Tobias (2012) "God is Caesar?" Die Debatte um den Islam als Hindernis für Demokratisierung, in: Münchener Beiträge zur Politikwissenschaft 24, Munich: LMU Munich,

Müller, Tobias (2012) Mediation und ihre Kosten, wer zahlt die Rechnung?, in: Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement (ZKM) 2012:2 (together with Martin Engel).