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European Migration and Refugee Crisis: Contested Politics of Social Integration and Identity 23-24 June 2016

last modified Jun 14, 2016 08:52 PM

The Cambridge Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) in collaboration with the Von Hügel Institute (VHI) and CAMMIGRES (Cambridge Migration Research Network) are hosting a 2-day workshop on "European Migration and Refugee Crisis: Contested Politics of Social Integration and Identity".

The workshop will discuss refugee and migration politics with focus on identity, politics, religion, nation, racism, political attitudes and

gender in the framework of European national policies. The programme also features discussion about the links between the UK referendum on EU membership and migration issues and refugee crisis.

The workshop is open to the public. However, as places are limited for Friday, registration is necessary. Please confirm your presence with Vlado Kmec BY JUNE 16. No registration required for Thursday.

 For the event poster, please click here



DR SARA SILVESTRI: City University London and University of Cambridge;

DR ELIF CETIN, University of Cambridge;

VLADO KMEC, University of Cambridge and University of Groningen;

In partnership with PROF HEIDEMARIE WINKEL, University of Bielefeld.