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CAMMIGRES members join working groups, 20 March 2014

last modified Jun 23, 2014 11:19 AM

CAMMIGRES members have signed up to join one of eight project development working groups: 1. A vibrant and fair society; 2. Youth mobility; 3. European politics and policy; 4. Borders; 5. Health, mental health and education; 6. Oceans and migration; 7. Migration and religion; 8. Human movement.

The first project development meeting is planned for four of the working groups (A vibrant and fair society; Youth Mobility; Health, mental health and education; Migration and religion) on 20th March, 2014 at the Institute of Criminology. Preparatory notes available here:

1. Preliminary working group formation

2. Agenda for meeting 20th March, 2014