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The Cambridge Migration Research Network

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Bordering, Political Landscapes and Social Arenas: Potentials and Challenges of Evolving Concepts in a post-Cold War World


The EUBORDERSCAPES, financed through the EU's 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7-SSH-2011-1) is an international research project that tracks and interprets conceptual change in the study of borders.  

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To watch the film, 'Everyday Borders' produced as part of the project, click here 

CAMMIGRES member, Dr Renaud Morieux (Faculty of History) publishes in Foreign Affairs: 'Boat People, Then and Now. Making the Calais Crossing', 7 September 2015

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Please note that the CAMMIGRES network has been superseded by the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement.

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