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The Cambridge Migration Research Network

Studying at Cambridge

Centre of Development Studies

Forum Members:

Name Email Research Interests
Gazzotti, Lorena PhD


Migration-development policies in the Middle East
Daehnhardt, Madleina PhD Comparative research of internal migration of rural youth in a China and Indian village
Yeboah, Thomas Migration and children in Ghana


Launched in January 2014, by Co-Founders Professors Madeleine Arnot and Loraine Gelsthorpe, and Research Associate Dr Jessica Wheeler, the Cambridge Migration Research Network, funded by the Vice-Chancellor’s Endowment Fund, brings together a superb tract of migration research, spanning 23 University of Cambridge faculties, departments and centres, including researchers in anthropology, archaeology, history, politics, economics and land economy, geography, sociology, gender studies, psychology, health and education studies, management studies, linguistics, theology, criminology and law.

CAMMIGRES researchers' interests orient around the impacts of past and present migration in relation to human evolution and development, social, legal, and economic policy, governance, professional knowledge, institutional practice and social relations.