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The Cambridge Migration Research Network

Studying at Cambridge

Department of Geography

Network members:

Name Email Research Interests
Professor Amin, Ash

The politics of settlement; how western societies treat immigrants; how attitudes and policies of aversion or tolerance are regulated and rebalanced


Dr Davenport, Romola

The impact of immigration to London on metropolitan and national mortality rates, 1750-1900; the process of endemicisation of a range of infectious diseases in the English population and how this influenced migrant, urban and national mortality rates before 1900


Dr Jeffrey, Alex How ideas of the state travel between different contexts, practices of state-building, and the way in which returning displaced peoples and refugees (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and increasingly elsewhere) adopt ideas and practices of citizenship.

Forum members:

Lauren, Ave PhD Professional migration; political integration; identity politics; global cities; social networks


Please note that the CAMMIGRES network has been superseded by the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement.

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