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Dr William O'Reilly -"Surviving empire: The translation of imperial context in a globalizing world, 1550-1800"

Dr O'Reilly explores the inter-relationship of European imperialisms from the later sixteenth century to the French revolution.

Dr. William O’Reilly (Faculty of History) has received two research grants of £18k from the Cambridge Humanities Research Grants Scheme: ‘Migration and decision making - Contemporary echoes of historical phenomena,’ that explores the decisions that migrants make and the actors that influence them by examining current migrant decision making and risk appraisal in light of historical trans-oceanic migrations, principally those from Eastern and Central Europe to America; and circa £13,000 from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for a three-year research project, ‘German diaspora and environmentalism,’ focusing on the parallel transformation of societies and natural environments and the tight entanglement and mutual permeation of these spheres through imported and newly developed practices in the period 1500-1945. 


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